Core Team

Welcome our crazy team of professionals

Our core team is a well assorted group of engineers and full-stack coders. We are passionate about technology and we try to always have fun coding and developing!


Enzo Francesca

Chief Executive Officer

Enzo is one of Holomask's founders, has a strong experience in Extended Realities and is still a developer despite the little time left by leading Holomask.


Manuel Montini

Chief Technology Officer

Manuel is an engineer with a strong experience in Extended Realities, leads the team of coders and scouts for new technologies.


Ugo André Rizzi

Project Manager

Ugo has a long experience in project management in high end sofytware and hardware projects, he's passionate about technology and hardware.


Francesco Gavioli

Senior Developer

Francesco is a full-stack developer and he is specialized in App development and server management.


Luca Corigliano

Senior Developer

Luca è specializzato in full-stack development, reverse engineering, C++, C#


Davide Abbrescia

Full-stack Developer

Long experience in C++ in the game industry, now he is a full-stack developer for several different projects.


Davide Marino

BackEnd Developer

Expert in Databases, servers, microservices, he is developing all our infrastrucure bone.


Giorgio Scappaticcio

Frontend Developer

Espert in human-centered design, he is developing all our interfaces.


Vision, mission, plans

Extended Realities for a better life experience

We live in a world that is rapidly and constantly changing, technology is part of our lives and we believe that a good innovation is the one that solve a problem. Aumented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are wonderful ways to help everyone of us to achieve our goals in less time.

We also believe that Extended Realitites cannot express maximum potential if not supported by other technologies like Artificial Intelligence or IoT so we try to make Holomask as multidisciplinary as possible in order to be able to realize the desires of our customers and empower and commit ourselves pushing everyone towards a future made of services that are really smart.

Start-Up Culture

Creativity communication, fun

There are several definitions of start-up culture, the one that we prefer is a positive environment that values creative problem solving, open communication, and a flat hierarchy.

Of course innovation is our main pillar and over and around it we build oour know-how and our hisrtory as a company. But there is no thing so important as the capacity to have fun doing things we like. This is our hidden, but most important pillar.

HOLOMASK: Empowering your visions, building your worlds.

We are ready for your ideas!

We believe in the added value of Extended Reality solutions to enhance and improve perception, safety and commitment in your professional activities. Contact us if you want to start a project together, we'll put our passion on both Hardware and Software solutions.