DeepSeaker VR Simulator

Virtual Reality Simulator realized for iSpace2o. This is a complete simulation of an hybrid submarine, with realistic physics, sea and waves simulation, high quality 3d graphics and joystick support. We can simulate all the submarine movements both on the surface and under the sea with different scenarios and light conditions.

Fictional Airplane VR Simulator

Virtual Reality Simulation of the conditions of flight. We can simulate all the forces acting on a real or fictional airplane. The simulator is connected to joystick to provide realistic piloting, all the surfaces like aleirons, flaps, gear, are simulated and they move with realistic movements.

Interview with Holomask's CEO to promote TeamXR

This is an essay of the interview that an italian television broadcaster has realized about TeamXR when it was released on the market


TeamXR Presentation - English

Brochure of TeamXR platform. You can download it by clicking the preview image on the right

Brochure ProdEye - TeamXR Solution

Mini Brochure, in Italian, decribing the integrated industrial solution ProdEye / TeamXR