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We develop well known commercial AR products like TeamXR and FlowXR, also in white label form, ready to be customized for our customers.

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We are also involved in several big R&D projects with our technological partners. Holomask has also a strong experience in co-working using Funding Programmes.

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Extended Reality Technologies

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (shortly AR) superimposes artificial images on the user's field of view. This technology can be used on a simple smartphone or on a pair of dedicated AR goggles. The interaction is achieved by using markers such as QR-CODE or by training the device to recognize special features.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (shortly VR) is an artificial world recreated in a dedicated device, often an helmet, that separate the user from the real world and put him in a digital recreated environment. So it's possible to offer a rich user experience and recreate real-world environments or completely fictional ones.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (shortly MR) at first glance appears similar to AR, but it offers a deeper level of interaction with the real world. All the informations are not simply super-imposed on the field of view but the real objects or part of them become interactive


Our platform for remote assistance. Completely cloud

With TeamXR you can connect to smart glasses located anywhere in the world, using just your browser

Complete tasks quickly

Collaborate in real time with remote experts to complete difficult tasks faster and with fewer errors.

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Increase Productivity

Utilize the most experienced resources to provide instruction in the field without the need for travel.

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Reduce Transfer Times and Costs

Reduce re-working costs, travel costs and time, increasing customer satisfaction and solving problems from the first time.

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Job Safety

Smart glasses allow you to carry out complex activities and receive all the desired information comfortably on the lenses, so as not to distract the technician from his work.

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We believe in the added value of Extended Reality solutions to enhance and improve perception, safety and commitment in your professional activities. Contact us if you want to start a project together, we'll put our passion on both Hardware and Software solutions.