Remote Assistance Platform

Completely Cloud

TeamXR is a remote assistance platform that runs fully on cloud, no installation is required, the expert operator can choose his preferred browser and it is the only thing he needs. No ports to open in the firewall, no policy to change. Everything runs in no time.

Augmented Reality Glasses

TeamXR is compatible with several AR glasses like: Epson Moverio, Vuzix, RealWear, Univet and Youbiquo. It is possible for the operator on the field to operate hands-free, connected with a remote expert via audio/video call. The espert operator can send visual istructios in real time that can be seen directly on the field of view of the glasses.

Smart and Easy Remote Assistance

Mixed Reality (shortly MR) at first glance appears similar to AR, but it offers a deeper level of interaction with the real world. All the informations are not simply super-imposed on the field of view but the real objects or part of them become interactive


Realtime VideoCall Platform

Unlimited number of conference rooms and users without call time limitation! RoomXR with SFU integrated Server. We engineered a platform with maximum video quality lowest latency that makes your calls crystal clear. Compatible with all browsers and platforms!

Webcam Streaming

Having the webcam on, allows participants to make a deeper connection with you. Up to 4k resolution.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen, application window, present your documents, slides and more.

Audio Streaming

Echo cancellation and noise suppression that make your audio crystal clear.


Chat with others in meeting with integrated emoji picker to show your feeling.

Recording Meeting

Record your Screen, Video, and Audio on Your browser Blob. Save it for using it in the future or to share with others.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Advanced interactive whiteboard to draw and explain your concepts to the other participants in the meeting.

File Sharing

Share any types of files with all participants in the meeting.

Total Privacy

Data stays between you and your participants. RoomXR doesn't collect or share personal information.

Maximum Security

Thanks to WebRTC, all the media streams are encrypted using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).


Processes and workflows on the cloud

StepXR is a cloud platform that allow to create, manage and consume processes and workflows. You can design processes made by multiple steps and you can make them available online to mobile devices and AR Glasses

Step Creation

A full 2D design environment to draw the single steps that will form your process. Full set of design tool to create complex drawings without leaving the platform.

Process creation

Graphical environment to assemble the steps and compose the process. Possibility to create linear and non linear processes with questions and branch creation.

QRCode Linking

Every process can be linked to a unique QRCode that can be read by a mobile device or an AR Glasses in order to retrieve in real time the process.

Operator login

On the field it is possible to login with a certain operator and keep trace of all the operations made on a process.

Log analysis

Every operation made on a process on the field is logged and saved on a database. The desktop client can analyze all the data in order to do Business Intelligence on those data.

Export data

It is possible to export data in various formats (Excel, CSV, JSON and others) in order to make possible to analyze performances

MES Connectors

It is possible to design and implement custom connectors to your MES in order to integrate data management coming out from StepXR to your data manager.

Total Privacy

Data stays between you and your participants. StepXR doesn't collect or share personal information.

Maximum Security

GDPR compliance and high levels of cryptography to ensure that your data are safe.

We are ready for your ideas!

We believe in the added value of Extended Reality solutions to enhance and improve perception, safety and commitment in your professional activities. Contact us if you want to start a project together, we'll put our passion on both Hardware and Software solutions.