DeepSeaker - Hydrofoil Submarine

The new age of submarines

ISpace2o srl is building an electric submersible hydrofoil vehicle, the DeepSeaker DS1, for which it has already obtained the Smart & Start funding from Invitalia and has already started the project that is currently at the completion of the 1st WP (Work Progress).

Link to ISpace2o : www.ispace2o.com

VR Simulator

Holomask has already realized the Virtual Reality Simulator for DeepSeaker Project. By using a VR helmet you can try the experience of driving the submarine both on the surface of the sea and underwater. This simulator has advanced physics, simulated sea conditions, high-end 3d graphics and can be controlled by joysticks.

Video of simulator: YouTube Video

Augmented Reality Cockpit

Holomask is designing also the interiors of the DeepSeaker, realizing all the instrumental panels by using Augmented Reality to offer an intensive experience to the driver and the passengers.

Link to ISpace2o : www.ispace2o.com

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