Holomask has several in-house competences coming from a long experience in both hardware and software design. We are able to design and realize apps using existing devices or develop brand new concepts and hardware or highly customize hardware platforms to fulfill your needs.


Using our in-house competences we can design PCB's and hardware platforms / devices and thanks to the partnership with TechBoard we can start PCB production with high quality standards
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    VR Helmets

    We work on the main VR brands on the market like: Oculus, Valve, Pimax, HTC, Sony and Lenovo

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    AR Glasses

    We develop for many AR brands on the market like: Epson, Vuzix, Everysight, Google and Realware

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    MR Devices

    We design apps for the most relevant MR brands on the market like: Microsoft, Magic Leap and Nreal

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    Custom Devices

    We are able to design brand new XR devices using custom electronics and custom embedded Linux/Android stack

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    We design and build physical dashboard for automotive, nautical and aeronautical markets

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    Simulation rigs

    If you need simulation rigs with different degrees of freedom we can design and build the platform and the software


We can develop a wide spectrum of applications for all the main AR/VR/MR hardware platforms, but also for PC and Mobile Phones/Tablets.
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    VR and 360 Tours

    Virtual tour of museums, architectural places and other POI or 360 clips you can navigate with several different devices

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    2D/3D games developed with Unity, Unreal or Godot targeting PC or handheld devices

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    Realistic simulations of cars, airplanes or boats also in VR and connected with Simulation Rigs with 3 or 6 Degrees of Freedom

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